Cotton Romper Kid Cartoon Rabbit Sleep Bag with Hat

  • Size: 80,95,110
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: 100% cotton
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Product Information
Style No:HXB004
Gender: Girl
Tuck baby into this comfy cotton sack and you don't have to worry about little feet getting cold. 100 percent cotton belongs to Grade A security standard, so it is safe for baby to wear close to their skin.
About Details:
  • The material is soft, comfortable, breathable and safe for kid.
  • Rib cuffs and hems to keep warm.
  • The outer collar design can avoid friction.
  • Zippers designed from neck to bottom makes convenience to put on and take off .
  • Unique two-leg design makes baby roll over easily.
  • Baby has more room to move freely.
  • Your baby will like it because of its cute cartoon style.
Material of this sleepbag is soft and comfortable

Zipper design of sleepwear is safe and comfortable

Sleepbag rib cuffs and hems to keep warm

The outer collar design of the sleepwear avoid friction
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