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With the popularization of science and educational knowledge, more and more parents realize that it is quite necessary to give baby a separate space to sleep. Almost every baby has their own bed and sleep products. Baby sleeping bag comes to our life at the right moment.  
Sunny baby sleeping bag

Sleeping bags can ensure your baby sleeps well in a warm and constant temperature throughout the night. He or she will be no more throwing off covers and waking up cold in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, no blankets and sheets covering baby's face, that means your baby can breathe easy, eliminating dangers of possible suffocation and thus reducing risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 
Then, how to choose the right sleeping bag for your babies? Recently, there are many brands for baby sleeping bag, which one is most suitable for your baby?
Here, we highly recommend you our Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag, because we are very professional in baby products. We are in baby clothing field more than 10 years, which give us more inspiration and consideration in the research and development in baby sleeping bag.

Baby sleeping bag sunny

Comparing with other brands, what are the advantages of Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag?
Material, appearance, usability and practicability are the judgment elements for a good sleeping bag, and material is the priority definitely.

Fabrics and fillings for Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag

Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag use international standard fabric including the shell and lining which is made of natural cotton. And all the cotton fabric is proved by OK-Textile 100.Our outer layers are designed to be nice and soft against baby's delicate skin. All the natural materials are more breathable and safe than artificial ones. Secondly, the filling of Sunny Baby sleeping bag is 100% virgin fiber, with the great advantage of softness, denseness, warmth and breathability. At present, we have winter and spring-autumn type sleeping bag for your choice.

Choose the right thickness from Sunny Baby Sleeping Bags

You can have a few tog options in your baby’s size, because this can ensure you are placing your baby in the correct sleeping bag for the temperature. The togs you need will depend upon your local climate and season. Always check the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in, as this will help you to select the correct tog for the room. Always refer to the following guide:
The tag information

The TOG information may help you decide which bag to buy. The warmth of the bag will vary enormously with what clothing you use inside the bag, for example, wear a romper or pajamas or a t-shirt. You can easily add another layer of clothing to make the bag warmer, such as using an extra thick bodysuit.
Size for Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag
Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag has different sizes from new born baby to 8 years old kid. Generally, choose the right size for your baby, but from an economic point of view, we suggest you to choose the elongated type. One good sleeping bag can be used for two years, and the long type can be adjusted according to baby’s height.
Delicate details for Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag
All our baby sleeping bag’s neckline has zipper block slice to protect baby’s neck from friction. The neckline is perfect shape suitable for baby’s natural neck curve. Two-way separating zipper is more flexible and convenient for parents to change baby’s diaper and baby pajamas.

Sunny sleeping bag neckline and zipper

All the printing and embroidery on the sleeping bag is lovely and vivid, which is good for baby’s visual development. Besides, they are simple but elegant color, zero formaldehyde with national health standards.

Sunny baby sleeping bag embroidery and printing

Good Pricing for Sunny Baby Sleeping Bag

Sunny Baby Clothing is good at controlling the cost of our products by bulk production. Our factory is located in the base of baby clothing in China. Here we purchase the fabric and accessories locally with high quality but low price, that is why you can buy our baby clothing at a competitive price with super quality.
Besides, we can offer you best after sale service. If you find any problem in the clothing buy from us, welcome to tell us and we will send a new one to you.

Baby in sunny sleeping bag
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