“Kid, losing is not terrible”

Many parents tend to let their kids be the winner as long as they can, for they think winning can keep disappointments away from their beloved children. 
As you playing games with your 3-year-old kid, the final result is your child wins despite you’re obviously better than him. You want to do this just because you prefer the joy instead of the depression on your little one’s face.
Actually what parents believe in is not benefit their children, learning how to lose gracefully is actually good for them in the long run; it helps them become empathetic and well-rounded adults.

Parents play with their children

We list 6 reasons to explain why.
a. Try to lead them just for fun
You should let your kids understand the point of playing games; get rid of your extreme thoughts--to be number one.
When a child playing games without any intention, he will feel the game simply with joy, and virtually receive the experience from playing.
b. Try to develop their ability to deal with problems
We all know the tough reality of the world. The most precious knowledge we learned from life is to face the truth. Thus let your kids handle problems by themselves is a gentle first step.
According to Christine Carter, director of the parenting programme at The Greater Good Center, University of California-Berkeley, “if they don’t lose, they’re being set up to not be able to cope.”
c. Try to build self-confidence
If a kid learns well on how to face failure, he will pay more attention to avoid mistakes next time.
In this way,kids can build self-confidence and pride in their own skills and abilities. They also learn that only doing well is a result of their own effort and is not something handed to them on a silver platter.
d. Try to teach empathy
Parents always want their kids to learn understanding.
For instance, children won’t be able to sympathize with someone if they have never gone through a similar experience before. Only we’ve been through the same experience we can feel sorry for people with the same situation.
e. Try to develop self-control
It’s not odd to see a 4-year-old kid show his temper if he’s unsatisfied. But the truth is no one can get his way all the time and that throwing a tantrum can’t solve the problem.
Try to help your child accept the consequence, explain the reason for him. And he may accept lose with graceful.
However, we can’t expect a 4-year-old to accept defeat with a smiling face every time it happens. But with practice, he will be able to handle with losing a game.
f. Try to let them learn from their mistakes
When taking part in games that need specific skills and planning, not doing well gives kids the opportunity to think about how they can do better the next time. And this can be a lesson that benefits kids a lifelong time.
According to Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, co-author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids, competitiveness is very natural among kids, especially during the preschool years.
So that’s no wonder if your 4-year-old aims to be the best at everything he does.
Here are some tips in case your baby didn’t present well.
Give him support no matter he wins or loses.
  • Explain to your child the winner’s advantage.
  • Let him learns to always say ‘congratulations’ to the winner and be happy for his success.
  • Teach him to cherish the opportunity of being a loser.
Besides, if he does win a game when playing games with you parents, show him exactly how a person loses gracefully by setting an example of it yourself!
Failure is an important for kids indeed. From which, children learn to get things what they wanted by themselves, and also understand that everyone has to work hard to achieve things they value a lot. Whether practicing harder to learn swimming or studying hard to get number one is important.
From the above, for the baby clothes, when your child always wants the best clothes or just requires the most famous brands, parents should tell them the right thing they should do, that is clothes is good as long as it is clean and tidy. 
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