How to choose baby clothes

Any kind mummy who is going to have a baby for the first time wants to make nice environment for their new born baby. Infant safety is the first thing that all parents care; however, there are still a lot of problems for infant clothing. Now I’ll share some baby clothing knowledge from materials and style.
How to choose baby clothes
1.security problems
 Most children’s favorite toys are flammable products such as teddy bear, long-haired dog and ice-cream girl. And if a young mummy wears her baby pajamas made of flammable materials it will result in unimaginable consequences.
Relevant people’s experiment shows that, a loose baby pajama made of nylon will burn into ashes in 120 seconds. If a set of soft and colorful nylon-made sports clothes catch fire, it will take 109 seconds to kill the baby. Therefore, it’s very dangerous to take part in bonfire party with this kind of sports clothes. Nowadays, we can purchase this kind of clothes in every market which without any fire-warning signs. Here we suggest that adults should pay attention to the hidden problems of the consumer market.

2.selections of fabric
 The choice of fabric decides the basic quality of clothing. Choosing fabric is the key process, especially for 0~2 years old infants--the highly care group. We should choose soft and comfort fabric for 0 ~ 1 year old babies, which make cotton material the best option. Cotton fabric feels soft, smells no stimulation. It won’t hurt baby’s tender skin, also accordance with the requirements of its growth. For 1~2 years old babies we’d better choose fabric that is high comfort and convenient. Organic cotton should be the best option, and it is differ from pure cotton fabric. Organic cotton is an important component of sustainable agriculture, and has great significance on the ecological protection, human health development and natural ecological green clothing. It is grown in 100%natural ecological environment, and is pollution-free production.

3.selections of style
 From the old monotonic monk-collar baby clothing to the current various convenient and nice-looking style, baby clothing leaves more choices for parents. However, we do need to focus on the following tips:
  • In order to avoid baby restlessness and the inconvenience to take off, we’d better not choose clothes that wear from head.
  • Baby within one year old should be padded diapers, when he grows older he can wear pants.
  • The weight of clothing should not be focused on the waist. Some parents made elastic on their children’s pants, which added the burden on children’s waist.
  • When choosing baby’s shirt and coat, a front cardigan is helpful for them to tell the right side and to wear themselves.
  • Don’t choose clothes which with complex styles and can’t make dirty or crumpled. With this kind of clothes you can make up your kid like an adult or like a doll, but this tight clothing is very bad for children’s growth.

Choosing the baby clothing scientifically is good for baby’s growth and development, and also good for baby to take part in all kinds of activities and games. And it will also benefit baby’s intelligence and emotional development.

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